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Zhongguancun Xiaosan Gate Diao Lili sex photos.

Some reports have named this “Zhongguancun Xiaosan Gate” while others have named it “Zhongguancun Sexy Photos Gate“. Zhongguancun is often called the “Silicon Valley of China” and is located in northwest Beijing’s Haidian District.

From Baidu Baike:

Xiaosan Gate

Synopsis: In order to get revenge for an affair, the former wife of an IT company executive recently sent dozens of sex photos involving her former husband and the third party via email to many Zhongguancun companies [a technology hub in Beijing, known as the "Silicon Valley of China"]. The email not only exposed sex photos but also the “xiaosan‘s” true name, mobile phone number, MSN account, address, and many other personal information. According to the email, the “xiaosan” works in a Taiwanese software sales company.

The “wife” who sent this email said in the email that she and her husband had been married for 3 years, that their child is just over 1-year-old. After the child was born, she resigned from a foreign enterprise/company to become a full-time housewife. At first, the couple’s relationship was still very normal, but a little while later, her husband started to not return home at nights. After her husband began treating her coldly, this wife began checking her husband’s cell phone information and sure enough saw nearly 200 flirtatious text messages in his mobile phone. In order to be certain whether or not her husband was having an affair, the “wife” didn’t say anything, and under the guise of a headhunter called the number where the flirtatious SMS messages originated from, adding the other party on MSN, and even becoming “friends” with the other party. To investigate the truth, the “wife” several times even met the “xiaosan” for meals, and every time the other party swiped a credit card to pay the bill. Once while paying after a meal, the “wife” discovered that the pinyin [name] on the black gold credit card was her own husband’s name.

On day in 2010 December, the “wife” stealthily took the “xiaosan‘s” cell phone, and after looking through the text messages the “wife” discovered that the “xiaosan” was maintaining relations with multiple men, and that her own husband was just one of them. Also within the mobile phone were sex videos of the “xiaosan” with different men. After investigating the truth, the “wife” put the cards on the table with her husband, not expecting that though her husband appeared contrite, the “xiaosan” and her husband continued their relationship. This past Spring Festival, she and her husband signed a divorce agreement.

In order to get revenge on her ex-husband and the third party, after the Spring Festival holiday period ended, the “wife” posted dozens of sex photos involving her husband and the third party onto the internet. Amongst the aforementioned sex photos, many Zhongguancun white-collar recognized the female in the sex photos to be the female white-collar worker at the a certain Taiwanese software company in Zhongguancun whose real name had been exposed by the “wife” in the email. Many Zhongguancun company workers have named this incident “Zhongguancun Sexy Photos Gate”.

From NetEase:

Zhongguancun xiaosan‘s indecent photos exposed, Diao Lili’s 36 sex photos wildly downloaded [circulated by netizens]

Xiaosan Information:

Chinese name: Diao Lili, English name: Cissy

[Birth date:] 1982 November 2

[Address:] Maliandao East Street, Courtyard 15, Building 6, #202

Mobile Phone: 13811125027



Currently works at SYSTEX.

Diao Lili’s RenRen profile page and other photographs: (click to enlarge)

Diao Lili's (刁黎黎) Renren social network profile page

Diao Lili photo.Diao Lili photo.Diaolili photo.

Diao Lili photograph.

Comments from


She’s alright, except her cunt is too dark… emoticon


It must be admitted, sometimes mosaics have obstructed the forward progress of humanity!


The face on top is nothing special, so I bet it is the mouth on the bottom that is more impressive.


None of my damn business; although, this wife is really incredible, investigating so thoroughly that she found out everything;

Comments from XiCi:


A rather pretty girl, how did she become this way?


Girls these days no longer have any moral limits.


Faint, this woman is very fearless/wild, having relations with several men.


What are people thinking these days?


This xiaosan is really incredible.

What do you think? If you were the ex-wife, would you have done this?

““Xiaosan Gate”: Ex-Wife Posts Cheating Husband’s Sex Photos”
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A court in China sentenced a wife to 10 years in prison after she cut off her cheating husband's penis. He brought his mistress home & had sex in front of her.

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Kinect’s erotic possibilities continue to crystallise – now in the form of virtual breast jiggling thanks to Noesis and none other than the buxom Ivy.

The video (remember, it is a man underneath the sexy polygons):

As one Japanese observer puts it – “those foreigners are perverts too!”

Coupled with the upcoming Kinect sex games and the VR Miku technology already developed, the future seems bright for Japanese and western perverts alike.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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Creepy dutch wife connoisseurs have been marvelling at what may be the most original ona-hole design yet.

The image characters are loosely based on Evangelion, but what makes the design unique is the shape of the internals – rather than going with the usual oddly sculpted mass of latex nodules, the “hole” portion is actually in the shape of the bishoujo mascot on the cover:


The grand prize probably goes to this uniquely disturbing design however:


Source: Sankaku Complex
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With a price tag of $5000, and a highly limited run of only 20 bikes being produced, this video of the ‘Digitizer’ track bike from Affinity and Kenzo Minami is probably as close we we’ll ever get to one. Still, it’s a fantastically executed little film that does the bike justice.

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Source: Format Magazine Urban Art Fashion
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The release of ero-RPG Agarest Senki 2 has seen the promise of a patch adding PlayStation Move support, allowing players to virtually massage the girls, and of course to use the game’s signature banana of suggestiveness on them.

The patch is promising to add Move support to several minigames as well as add an entirely new one:


Given the looks of the controller this all seems undeniably appropriate.

The game itself has just been released and is making much play of its erotic elements:

Agarest Senki’s site is also now home to a quiz asking fans if they can identify the game’s characters by their breasts and thighs alone (entry into a lottery for signed goods is on offer as a prize):

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Eroge developer Illusion have made public a short video showing off a penis-controlled eroge tech demo.

Player 1

The ona-hole in question incorporates sensors in order to translate the user’s grinding into on-screen action in one of Illusion’s cutting edge (if still rather awful) eroge (in this case demo) – a piece of technology with rather obvious applications in the field of ero-gaming.

Currently Illusion reports it has no firm plans to implement the control system, although it seems only a matter of time.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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(MOP) The UAE has vending machines for gold bars, Paris sells CK cologne with them, but what is on offer in the vending machines in Nanjing? The answer is… Hairy Crab! At Xinjiekou station on Metro Line 1, near where you come out at Dayuanpan, you can see a machine.


From IFeng:

According to a report from Xinhua made on  December 25, this is another year of yellow  chrysanthemums and and fat crabs, and at Xinjiekou station on Nanjing’s metro, a machine selling the latter has appeared. From the first of October until now, local sentiment has gone from novelty, to suspicion, to the beginnings of acceptance, to welcome; the amount sold has gone from one a day to around two hundred.

This reporter saw that the machine at Xinjiekou station contained five rows of crabs, with different sizes being sold for 10RMB, 15RMB, 25RMB, and 50RMB. At the bottom of the machine there were even bottles of crab vinegar, being sold for 5RMB each. A lot of people couldn’t help stopping for a look, some even whipping out their cameras and taking photos. Nanjinger Cai Qun fed 200RMB into the machine, pressed the number corresponding to the crabs she wanted, and bought eight of the 25RMB size. She said: "Two days ago, I was passing by, and saw that they were cheaper than the markets. I was curious so I got two. They tasted alright, so I’m back today for more."









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In case somebody still doesn’t know, Apple has released today two new Mac Book Air models. One of them, which is 11,6 inches, seen from the side and closed looks like a pair of chopsticks.

Chopsticks Mac book Air

Source: - A geek in Japan
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Dentsu Facility Management Inc has begun selling a machine able to produce around 60 lettuces per day without the need of sunlight. At the moment, they are only available in Japan; the first clients are big restaurant chains because the cost is quite high: 75,000 euro (around 100,000 USD). Will we have some day our own refrigerators at home able to produce lettuces or other vegetables?

The pictures of this lettuce-producing machine reminds me of the pictures of the underground place that is located under Tokyo station.

Lettuce machine

Lettuce machine

Lettuce machine

Source: Greendiary

Source: - A geek in Japan
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