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Even Chinese were surprised at the rather disturbing contents of a too cheap for comfort made in China pillow.


The object above is apparently an empty cigarette packet – fortunately, sewage is just too valuable to find its way into a mere pillow.


A made in China punching bag offers quality along similar lines – why use sand when you can use rubbish?

At least the items did not explode.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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Chinese pet shops are apparently injecting sick animals with drugs such as heroin in order to conceal their illnesses and make them look more lively to potential buyers, with the result that many of the animals drop dead shortly after purchase.

Pet shops in the city of Chongqing are reportedly injecting sick dogs with drugs such as heroin and morphine in order to make them seem more lively, as it is cheaper than treating them.

One customer complains that “the dog was supposed to be healthy, but it died 3 days after I bought it.”

Local vets say that pets shops frequently stock sick animals, and that as treating them is difficult they receive many requests for stimulant injections to liven the animals up for sale, which they claim to usually refuse, although some vets actually admit to providing the injections.

They also report owners frequently bringing them animals which became sick shortly after purchase, and are likely to have been drugged in this manner.

As the cost of treating an animal may reach 1000 yuan ($150), an injection costing only a few yuan is clearly the superior option for a Chinese merchant unburdened by any concept of morality or concern for animal welfare.

A vet advises customers willing to patronise such an establishment that “if you compare animals from the same litter at a pet shop, if one of the animals is extremely energetic in comparison to its siblings the chances are that it has received a stimulant.”

Source: Sankaku Complex
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China has banned its media, publishers and websites from using foreign language words, particularly English ones, in an effort to preserve the glorious purity of the Chinese language from being defiled by corrosive barbarian influences.

China’s General Administration of Press and Publication says the infiltration of barbarian languages has “seriously damaged to the purity of the Chinese language” and resulted in “adverse social impacts to the harmonious and healthy cultural environment.”

Existing bans on the usage of barbarian words in TV and radio will also be strengthened; language criminals who flout the new regulations face criminal prosecution.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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Rarely has anything made from cardboard seemed so imposing as with this cardboard Gundam statue.



It is 2m tall, weighs “quite a lot” and cost ¥2,000 to create.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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The latest China quality merchandise to be the cause of scandal is soy sauce made from human hair.

Chinese newspapers have been reporting with disgust that the manager of a Shandong province food company has admitted that “In small scale factories we have been making soy sauce out of human hair as a cost control measure.”

A worker familiar with the practice explains:

“Soy sauce is made by fermentation, but at small scale places they skip the fermentation and use amino acids extracted from human hair as part of the process instead. There are villages where they collect human hair for this.”

He goes on:

“I was working at a factory in Hebei province before – there they added salt and amino acids to caramel coloured water, and mixed it all with dirty water to make soy sauce. At the place where they extracted the amino acids they had lots of human hair and animal fur stored, it was quite sickening.

They also made vinegar by adding acetic acid to caramel coloured water. The village had any number of places making soy sauce, but the villagers there would only ever buy vinegar and soy sauce from famous brands.”

Soy sauce is normally made by fermenting soy beans. A more modern low-cost method (which tastes quite different and has been found to introduce carcinogens) utilises acid-hydrolyzed vegetable proteins to skip the lengthy fermentation process entirely – it is likely a variation of this process is being described here.

Another worker explains similar shortcuts being used to make vinegar (which is also normally the product of fermentation):

“At small factories making vinegar they would take pure acetic acid [a highly corrosive acid normally used in industrial applications] and just add it to water to make the vinegar.

At the decent places they would use food-quality acid intended for this purpose, but at the more unscrupulous outfits they would just use [highly impure] industrial grade acetic acid instead.”

Although such claims might ordinarily attract scepticism, as the practice of making cooking oil out of sewage is already well documented, these claims sadly take on an air of depressing credibility – in fact soy sauce made from hair and fur has been reported since at least 2004, and evidently no progress has been made in stamping out the practice.

Pictures from a 2004 report:


With Chinese food products now sold the world over, frequently as an unlabelled part of other dishes, it seems the only protection much of the world has from being poisoned by reckless Chinese businesses is the hope that these nightmare products are never exported.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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Sega have produced a penis controller of their own, although sadly not with the same end in mind as with the other major sort of penis controller.

Sega’s “Toylets” has apparently found its way into some Japanese urinals:

Those wondering why Sega would even consider producing such a device need look no further than the fact that the company was bought up by sleazy pachinko machine maker Sammy some years ago.



Aside from allowing an endless variety of crude puns, the main objective of the device appears to be to advertise to urinal users – the addition of a sensor which can measure the speed and volume of liquid splattering on it allows some simple games to be embedded in the urinal, which helpfully draws the user’s attention to the screen.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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Creepy dutch wife connoisseurs have been marvelling at what may be the most original ona-hole design yet.

The image characters are loosely based on Evangelion, but what makes the design unique is the shape of the internals – rather than going with the usual oddly sculpted mass of latex nodules, the “hole” portion is actually in the shape of the bishoujo mascot on the cover:


The grand prize probably goes to this uniquely disturbing design however:


Source: Sankaku Complex
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The power of makeup induces yet another nightmarish transformation – this time into some sort of creepy loli creature.

The transformation, said to be of a 12-year-old girl:


It can only be hoped this little girl is the model and not the end result:


Refer to the before and after gallery for more examples.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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A man who used a saw to cut off a man’s head even as he begged to be killed first, his only response being to tell him to “stay still or I can’t cut your neck properly,” has been sentenced to hang in Japan’s first ever jury trial of a capital crime.

The murders in question were committed by a 32-year-old Yokohama resident, Hiroyuki Ikeda, against 2 men he did not even know.

Ikeda is said to have aspired to become a drug baron, and in order to further his trafficking aspirations he fell in with a 26-year-old man with a problem – he was involved in an ownership dispute over a Kabukicho mahjong parlour, and needed two men dealt with.

Ikeda assured him he was a “man who could kill people” and that he would take care of the problem in return for a stimulant dealing concession.

He proceeded to kidnap the 28-year-old manager of the mahjong establishment and a 36-year-old “company employee” (as most media reports call him – in fact he worked at a brothel) connected to the affair, holding them captive in a hotel. He also took the opportunity to rob the manager of $160,000.

The matter was far from dealt with however, as he still intended to kill them both. He started with the manager, whose death would be particularly hideous – he was decapitated alive with a power-saw.

The court was shown the flatcar-mounted power saw used in the crime, and heard how the victim begged for his life, cowering as his captor attempted to force his neck into the saw – his last entreaties were “Please, at least kill me first before you cut my head off!” but his murderer was having none of it, merely telling him “Stay still, I can’t get it to cut properly!”

After he was decapitated, hacked into pieces and stuffed into garbage bags for disposal, his killer remarked to his accomplice that “it’s just like a doll or something really.” His defence claimed this was as he was struggling to cope with the terrible fear of police bursting in on him.

His second victim, the pimp, was marginally luckier – he was killed by being stabbed in the head with a fruit knife, and then dismembered and disposed of in much the same way.

The crimes came to light when the dismembered torso of one victim and the lower half of another were discovered dumped, and further searches turned up arms and a head. Police soon launched an investigation.

Ikeda later found himself arrested for drug trafficking, and soon confessed to involvement with the murders.

A further 8 people were arrested in connection with the case, and an international arrest warrant has been issued on the man who requested the killings after he apparently fled the country.

To what extent the yakuza were involved with what is clearly not an individual crime is not clear – Japan’s worthless mass media almost completely avoid all mention of just who was behind all this.

A guilty verdict at the trial was not in any realistic doubt, but the question of whether he would be sentenced to hang has been the subject of much speculation, not least because this trial was the first death penalty case to involve “lay judges,” Japan’s watered down version of a jury, introduced in only 2005.

Once the trial reached its sentencing phase he was swiftly declared guilty of a variety of crimes including murder and corpse disposal, with the presiding judge sentencing him to death.

It is thought he will launch an appeal, his defence hinting that they consider the proceedings to not have given them enough time.

In Japan, still largely unfamiliar with the enlightened concept of allowing those too stupid or self righteous to excuse themselves from jury duty to determine the outcome of a trial, there have been doubts raised as to whether their spineless countrymen have the guts to order someone to the gallows.

These doubts appear to be unfounded, although non-Japanese observers might still be concerned about just how independent the verdicts are with the presence of actual judges “guiding” the verdict.

Even so, a female lay judge was said to have broken into tears whilst watching the man she had just condemned to death, and there are many in Japan who would like to see the death penalty abolished altogether – having to deal with recalcitrant jurors may yet hasten this process.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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A man who staged his own suicide on 2ch after they told him to get on with it, hanging himself live on a videostream, has been confirmed by police as having died in the attempt.

The 24-year-old man, a resident of Sendai, first came to the attention of a 2ch student board when he complained of experiencing depression after graduating and getting a job, due to problems securing a girlfriend and the dispersal of his friends far and wide, along with an unforgiving job.

This culminated in him discussing suicide extensively, and making as if to commit suicide on video-streaming site Ustream several times prior to his actual suicide on the morning of November 9th, pictured.

The fake or abortive attempts did little to endear him to his audience, and as a result by the time it came to his actual suicide 2ch had become quite hostile, with any number urging him to hurry up and do it, although a number of users attempted to dissuade him throughout.


The generally derisive atmosphere soon gave way to horror and disbelief when it became apparent he probably had hanged himself – and the viewing audience rocketed from a few hundred to several thousand.

Thread inhabitants reported the incident to police after he stopped moving; police arrived at 8AM, finding him already dead. The man’s suicide broadcasts were first reported to Ustream after he had already hanged himself, and they finally terminated the stream at 6:24AM.

Whilst the actions of 2ch inhabitants in this case are far from surprising, in fairness it should be remembered most apparently did not regard the man as anything more than a determined troll, and that onlookers egging on people on the verge of suicide is hardly a phenomenon confined to 2ch.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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