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There are people who make a career of being an extra. Maybe not a career that spans decades, but close enough. Jesse Heiman‘s career is something different. Not quite a typical extra and not quite a character actor, this guy is all over the place. I guarantee you’ve seen him in half a dozen things at least, and once you start looking you’ll probably see him frequently. Check out a video of Jesse Heiman’s appearances — most of which are in uncredited roles like ‘student’ or ‘geek’ — after the break.

He’s got almost 50 IMDB credits, and there are probably more things that didn’t make it onto that listing. Watching this video it’s weird to see one guy who plays the same role, not just in a great many movies and TV shows, but over a pretty serious span of time. Jesse Heiman has spent a decade being the uncredited ‘nerd #1.’

Even weirder than the fact that the same guy is quite visible in all these different movies and shows is that he’s actually in his ’30s, despite often being cast to play characters half that age.


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The piece of art that was created on The Colbert Report show last year has just been auctioned off at Phillips de Pury for $26,000. The painting, which was edited live on-air by Steve Martin and other various artists like Frank Stella, Shepard Fairey and Andres Serrano, was described in the catalog as an “Inkjet on canvas, with acrylic spray paint, Sharpie, looked-at-edness of Frank Stella.” Proceeds from the sale will go to benefit the educational charity tool DonorsChoose.

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We’ve been jonesing to see a life-size version of Angry Birds since Neil Patrick Harris teased us with his chicken catapult during the VGAs. Yesterday on Conan, we got our wish — not with real-life poultry, mind you, but with bird-shaped balls and really unstable Ikea furniture.

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If you’ve watched “The Colbert Report” you may have seen this work of art. “Portrait 5, Stephen(s)” is the latest in a series of portraits of the host. The work was been altered by several different artists including Frank Stella, Shepard Fairey and Andres Serrano in a segment on the show in December that featured author, actor and art collector Steve Martin. Fairey added an Obey symbol to the image and Serrano scribbled on devil horns and a Hitler mustache.

What was once a skit is now going to have the ultimate financial test of a work of art, a turn on the auction block. It will be sold March 8 by auction house Phillips de Pury & Company. Proceds will benefit, a nonprofit which raises money for school projects for children. The auction will be taped and air in a future episode of the program. The work is being offered without an estimate.

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China’s “completely original” giant Gundam statue has apparently reappeared, with some modifications, after a mysterious disappearance.

As it was before:


The original, erected by a Chinese theme park, was widely derided as being another fine example of Chinese ingenuity, but for once the criticism seemed to work and the statue abruptly disappeared.

However, it seems it was only being upgraded – though the new version seems to have taken a rather camp post-apocalyptic tone, replete with garish colouration and spiky shoulder-pads…

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Machete may not text, but he sure can sell some iced tea. A commercial for Lipton Brisk Iced Tea hit YouTube between Christmas and New Years, and it’s like a little last-minute gift for Danny Trejo fans. In one minute, the actor recaps the plot of Machete, complete with slicing guys in half, some lovemaking, and a lot of hand-washing. Frankly, I like it a lot better than the movie. Spare a minute and hit the jump to check it out.

This is evidently the revival of a commercial series that once created claymation likenesses of Rocky Balboa, Daniel from The Karate Kid and Bruce Lee. (The latter commercial, featuring the clever “Editing mistake. In my favor!” line, is below.)

And yes, that’s Danny Trejo doing the voice of Machete, as you can see in the two behind the scenes clips that follow the commercial. Nice that he slips in a little promo for the Machete DVD (out today) and the possible theatrical sequel to the film.

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On a recent airing of the popular TV show The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert tries to convince Steve Martin that a painting of Colbert himself is in deed art. Special guests come through to state their case such as street artist Shepard Fairey, painter Frank Stella and photographer Andres Serrano.

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