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This is your brain. And now this is your brain on YouTube. By using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) software, researchers at UC Berkeley created a visual representation of what our brains see when we watch a TV or movie. It works as such: scientists show subjects random clips and measure the corresponding cerebral activity. After the computer “learns” what vids evoke what brain activity, scientists feed 18 million seconds of random YouTube videos into the computer program where it reconstructs a movie representation of neural happenings based on the hundred clips most similar to what it sees. Although the method currently only works with images actually viewed, the future goal is to recreate what people see in their dreams and memories — which could give doctors major insight to the minds of the mentally impaired, stroke victims or those with neurological disorders. Inception in real life isn’t exactly around the corner, but the implications of this new technology are pretty mind-blowing. See for yourself in the video after the break — no totem required.

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Scientists reconstruct images from our brains, plan to do the same for dreams (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 23 Sep 2011 03:15:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Water calligraphy is a poetic activity that you can observe in many Chinese parks: Artists use a large brush to write Chinese characters using water instead of ink. Minutes after the characters are written, they disappear.

Media Artist Nicholas Hanna built a tricycle that writes Chinese characters on the ground as it moves.

His tricycle is part of an exhibition for Beijing Design Week: You can see it at the Northern Electric Relay Factory in Dashilanr, south of Qianmen gate. The exhibition opens 6pm  on Saturday September 24, 2011, and runs until October 3.

The video below was shot ands edited by Jonah Kesssel. You can also watch it on Vimeo and on Tudou.

Source: Danwei
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Ecclectic flavors match stunning presentations from a NY-based design/chef duo

Taking catering in a new direction is Pinch Food Design, a NYC-based catering company specializing in both presentation and culinary innovation that’s guaranteed to surprise and delight. Founded by industry veterans Tj Girard (head designer) and Bob Spiegel (head chef), the two work together seamlessly to make Pinch’s creations both pleasing to the pallet and the eye. A short while ago some of the CH team was invited to their Chelsea HQ to see and taste what the creative team has been working on lately. The following are four of our favorite appetizers and an in-depth look at one of Chef Bob’s finest works of culinary art.


As a perfect example of Pinch’s focus on design, the serving dish has been cleverly created to use cabinet knobs to present the basil crusted filet mignon. Topped with shallot marmalade and tiny popover pastry, each bite sized piece is an absolute delight.

Pinch-Kebab.jpg Pinch-kebab-two.jpg

What may be the most interesting appetizer that we sampled, this falafel adaptation was fun and flavorful. The pressed pita chips act as the ultimate vessel for the red olive, hummus, cucumber pickle and of course falafel meat. Pleasantly surprised with its canny taste, the moist little towers won the team over instantly.


Drizzled in mustard oil and port, the chanterelle broccoli rabe sausage is literally balanced with a delicate piece of pequillo toast. Secured on both ends by Pinch’s custom toothpick design, the two sides to the appetizer play well off each other, allowing the holder to follow the savory sausage with a complimentary crunch.

Pinch-dessert-one.jpg Pinch-dessert-two.jpg

For dessert Pinch keeps its patrons on their feet with their suspension pastry galettes. The copper structure holds light and flaky pastries by free swinging hooks, allowing each piece to be picked by hand. Adding to the seasonal selection of peach, fig, berry, pear and strawberry rhubarb pastries are copper bowls of cinnamon, chocolate and regular whipped cream for dipping. These were hands down our favorite and the most creative way to serve dessert that we’ve come across yet.

Pinch-spag.jpg Pinch-chef-bob.jpg

After a great deal of negotiations and bargaining we persuaded Chef Bob to give up the secret recipe for his amazing mini spaghetti and meatball appetizer. These were unlike any appetizers we’ve ever seen, and obviously worth a closer look. More on the recipe and his essential preparation techniques as told by the inventor himself after the jump.

Spaghetti Roll

3 Cloves Garlic, sliced thin

2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 cups canned Plum Tomatoes, pureed with juices

1 cup tomato paste



1/2 pound Angel hair pasta

Parmigiano-Reggiano, whole, not grated

Meatballs, rolled the size of a dime, recipe follows

Lightly brown garlic in oil, add the tomato puree, cook for 20 minutes until emulsified. Take out 2 tablespoons of the sauce and set aside for finishing later. Add the tomato paste and cook on a low flame. The key here is to cook this for a lot longer than you think, as the goal is to evaporate all the liquid, but not compromise the flavor. This is what makes the 'glue', the key to the whole dish. Meanwhile, cook the angel hair in salted water until al dente, strain—do not rinse off the starch—and add the sauce. Season with salt and pepper.

With tongs or rubber gloves, pull out some of the dressed angel hair pasta. Place it on some plastic wrap and roll tubes about 1 inch thick. Refrigerate these for an hour or two until the pasta is set. The angel hair will continue to absorb the sauce and not be as al dente, this creates the illusion in your mouth as when you cut the pasta it feels more al dente than it is.

To serve, cut the pasta rolls 3/4 inch thick, lay them next to each other and microwave for 15 seconds. On a separate cutting board, micro plane the parmigiano, stack back up the angel hair roll and liberally roll the round sides in the parmigiano.


1 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 garlic cloves, smashed

1 tablespoon flat parsley leaves, roughly chopped

1/2 cup, toasted breadcrumbs

1/2 pound ground beef

1/2 pound ground pork

1 large egg

1/4 cup freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano



Combine the beef and pork in a large bowl. Then add all the rest of the ingredients and mix well until the olive oil is completely absorbed. It may seem like a lot of olive oil, but this is what give the hors d’oeuvres its moistness. Refrigerate and roll into dime sized balls.

Sear the little meatballs in olive oil and finish with the reserved tomato sauce, season with salt and pepper. Spoon the meatball and some sauce on top of the pasta roll, micro plane some more cheese on top. Serve while still warm.

Source: Cool Hunting
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If you’re a slave to your desk like me, you know what it’s like to daydream about getting a little exercise during the week and will appreciate this design. Introducing Fitness@Work- the perfect chair for keeping your blood flowing throughout the workday! For those big guns a central mainspring/handle combo is built into the core of the chair for a great arm resistance workout. Need to work on those 6 pack abs? Lean the seat-back to the floor, tuck your feet behind the stabilizers and…you get the idea. Neeeeed this!

Designer: Benjamin Cselley


Yanko Design
Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
Yanko Design Store – We are about more than just concepts. See what’s hot at the YD Store!
(Work Your Body at Your Desk was originally posted on Yanko Design)

Source: Yanko Design
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There’s something delicate about the word “bracelet” – that is, until you see the Armadillo: 161, the latest from bold jewelry maker RogueDZN. Named after its 161 parts, the Armadillo is composed entirely of G5 aerospace grade titanium- the same super strong material used to build spacecraft, naval ships, and armor plating. Using the same software used to create the USA’s F22 joint strike fighter, each curve is obsessively perfected in 3D space, a feat impossible to achieve by hand.

Individually serial numbered, each link is comprised of 8 separate custom machined pieces. The off-set angled clasp has a captured thumbscrew that allows for extremely easy opening and closing. The secondary thumb screws integrated into the latch, are actually integrated mini-wrenches to adjust the bracelet. One is the Rogue custom tri-blade wrench and the other is a T5-Torx wrench.

Designer: Rogue DZN


Yanko Design
Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
Yanko Design Store – We are about more than just concepts. See what’s hot at the YD Store!

Source: Yanko Design
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Nike MAG Auction 2011 Final Numbers

We all watched the Nike MAG go live on eBay. Some of us bid, and a select few even won. The auctions have ended and the numbers are in. Thanks to some statistical analysis from our friends over at Nike Talk, we go inside the numbers on the biggest sneaker release of the year. What did it take to get the Marty McFly Nike’s in your size? What was the best day to bid? How much money was raised towards Parkinson’s research? Find out all this and more.

Highest winning bid:

$5,744.44 for a size 10

Lowest winning bid:

$2,955.00 for a size 8

Total amount raised per day:

Day 1 = $911,927.34
Day 2 = $647,539.91
Day 3 = $554,120.31
Day 4 = $508,077.50
Day 5 = $511,112.10
Day 6 = $492,481.97
Day 7 = $488,076.90
Day 8 = $499,851.16
Day 9 = $511,479.82
Day 10 = $570,523.52

Total Amount Raised:


Size Distribution by Day:

Day 1 & 2
Size 7 – Qty 13
Size 8 – Qty 13
Size 9 – Qty 30
Size 10 – Qty 40
Size 11 – Qty 30
Size 12 – Qty 15
Size 13 – Qty 9

Day 3, 4, 5, & 6
Size 7 – Qty 6
Size 8 – Qty 26
Size 9 – Qty 32
Size 10 – Qty 35
Size 11 – Qty 25
Size 12 – Qty 14
Size 13 – Qty 12

Day 7 & 8
Size 7 – Qty 5
Size 8 – Qty 26
Size 9 – Qty 33
Size 10 – Qty 36
Size 11 – Qty 25
Size 12 – Qty 14
Size 13 – Qty 11

Day 9 & 10
Size 7 – Qty 5
Size 8 – Qty 26
Size 9 – Qty 32
Size 10 – Qty 38
Size 11 – Qty 25
Size 12 – Qty 13
Size 13 – Qty 11

Total number of bids per day:

Day 1 – 5389
Day 2 – 3558
Day 3 – 3713
Day 4 – 3352
Day 5 – 3881
Day 6 – 3117
Day 7 – 3582
Day 8 – 3657
Day 9 – 3891
Day 10 – 4324

Highest and Lowest Selling Price for Each Size:

Size 7 – High – $5,331.88 on Day 1, Low – $2,300.00 on Day 6
Size 8 – High – $6,100.00 on Day 1, Low – $2,500.00 on Day 4
Size 9 – High – $6,300.00 on Day 1, Low – $3,050.00 on Day 5, 6 & 9
Size 10 – High – $9,959.00 on Day 1, Low – $3,200.00 on Day 6
Size 11 – High – $7,600.00 on Day 1, Low – $3,350.00 on Day 8
Size 12 – High – $8,100.00 on Day 1, Low – $3,100.00 on Day 7
Size 13 – High – $7,875.00 on Day 1, Low – $2,750.00 on Day 7

All data courtesy of Mugen EP and Adrian “Abstractly” of NikeTalk. Props to RetroKid.

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If you scored yourself Vuzix’s Wrap 1200 side-by-side 3D video eyewear last month, you may want to know the company’s VR variant is now available for $600 (about 100 bones more). With the Wrap 1200VR, you’ll again be viewing a simulated 75-inch 3D (or 2D, if you’d prefer) display at ten feet away, in up to 720p HD via its dual monitor setup. The VR bit comes from the included Wrap Tracker 6TC with compass, which enables head-tracking with three degrees of freedom. Better yet, its coupled drift control should maintain silky smooth visuals when you’re tilting your noggin’ to scope out the on-screen action. Out of box, these specs are said to play nice with most Windows machine’s graphics cards and VGA connections, but adapters are required to rock them with your PS3 or Xbox 360. If your eyes are already tearing up with joy, you’ll find full details in the PR just past the break.

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Vuzix Wrap 1200VR video eyewear does 3D with head-tracking for $600, now available originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 19 Sep 2011 17:52:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Filed under: Etc., Lamborghini, Toys/Games, Design/Style, Luxury

Lamborghini Aventador scale model by Robert Guelpen

When it comes to objects of automotive lust, few tip the scales further than the Lamborghini Aventador. Naturally, most mere mortals (like us) can’t come up with nearly enough expendable income to ever fulfill the dream of owning an actual, drivable toy like that.

If we can’t afford the real thing, at least we can get ourselves a smaller scale model, right? Well, maybe… unless the 1:8 scale Aventador you’ve got your eye on comes with seats, headlights and steering wheel made from diamonds, wheels fashioned from gold and platinum and a perfectly scaled copy of the body crafted from carbon fiber.

Just how much would such a fancy bauble cost? We hope you’re sitting down: at least $4.7 million. Yes, in dollars. Auction house Sotheby’s plans to sell the wee Lambo to the highest bidder in December with the lofty starting price just quoted, but if you just can’t wait to get your hands on it, you can buy it from Robert Gülpen, the modeler, for a cool $6 mil.

Or, you could buy a dozen actual Aventadors for that price, which may be far more satisfying. Check out our exclusive photos of the model taken by photographer David Kaiser, and follow the jump for a video of the model on display behind bulletproof glass at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Lamborghini Aventador 1:8 scale model costs 12 times the real thing [w/exclusive photos] originally appeared on Autoblog on Sat, 17 Sep 2011 17:03:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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When you are changing batteries in your remote control, one of the primary concerns is to make sure that they don’t roll off the table and fall down. This may sound like a comic situation right now, however it happens to almost every one of us. So is coming up with a hexagonal shape the answer; is Hive the answer to this problem? According to the designers, Hive’s unique shape make them roll-safe and save a lot on packaging and shelf space. I believe there is a reason why those AA’s are round, if there were merit to the hexagon, Duracell and the likes would have picked up on it. What do you think?

Designers: Jin-young Yoon & Seong-hoon Jeong


Yanko Design
Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
Yanko Design Store – We are about more than just concepts. See what’s hot at the YD Store!

Source: Yanko Design
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HeadPlay “Bad Banana Man” Toy

“Bad Banana Man” is the latest “toy” from craft-toy company HeadPlay, known for making humorous, beautifully crafted figurines for adults. Some of which include The Expendables collection of actions stars like Jason Statham, Jet Li and Sylvester Stallone. The Bad Banana Man is made out of PVC with a 1:6 ratio, and features a banana man exposing himself with goggly eyes and an exaggerated smile on his face. The piece is fully textured, and is the first alternative figure carved by the figurine house. It costs $299 HKD (approximately $38 USD) and is available through the CTMA Centre in Hong Kong.

Source: TOUCH


Source: Hypebeast
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