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In what has become a very exciting find for archaeologists in China and around the World, a set of coffins from the Ming Dynasty were discovered in the city of Taizhou. The most puzzling part about the excavation is that a female corpse was found to be in perfect condition – the corpse had hardly rotted.

On February 24, in Taizhou city, three coffins were found near Chunlan road. The next day, staff from Taizhou museum rushed to the site and found that construction workers dug a total of three coffins, two close together, separated by only 10 centimeters, and a third coffin was separated from the two by 34 meters.

Museum staff found that the first coffin has been destroyed in the digging, the other two coffins were kept relatively intact. Judging from the method of burial, the museum staff identified the three coffins to be from the Ming Dynasty. The three coffins were transported to the museum to be prepared for further analysis.

On March 1, the museum opened the remaining two intact coffins. Of the two coffins, one was found with the female corpse. Somehow, the corpse did not rot after so many years. The museum staff were surprised. The corpse was so well preserved that the eyebrows were clearly visible and the skin was still elastic.

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