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Ever wondered what it would have been like to ride shotgun with Han and Chewie? We’re guessing — based entirely on the fact that you’re reading a video game blog right now — that you’re the type of person who has harbored this desire. Well, THQ’s offering the next best thing: Augmented reality shooter Star Wars: Falcon Gunner, available today for $5 on iPhone and iPod Touch (and coming to iPad next month).

As the title suggests, you’ll be in the gunner’s seat of the Millennium Falcon during moments like the destruction of the Death Star and the Kessel Run (12 parsecs or bust!), aiming by actually moving your iOS mobile device around, blasting TIE fighters out of your immediate surroundings.

If you’re a fan of canon, you might want to shy away from Falcon Gunner, as it takes some creative liberties with these historic Star Wars events. If you’re a fan of cannons, however, you should jump right in, because, hoo boy, there are so many cannons.

Source: Joystiq
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A crippled beggar in China?

This curious story was originally posted by someone called Yuan Shengtai. I point this out because he has the strange habit of referring to himself in the third person.

On a Sina blog:

Beggar fakes paralysis, deceiving even the police, to cheat people!

When coming across unfortunate beggars in the big cities, many passersby who are not in a rush to get somewhere and are kind-hearted might generously open their wallets. Yuan Shengtai has foolishly given away money like this before, but now that he thinks about it, he is regretting it. Recently there have been reports of beggars on the metro pretending to be crippled, taking advantage of passengers to get their money, and stories of those who attack those pretty girls who don’t pay up. At the time, Yuan Shengtai was even thinking, whether or not that person is really crippled, are you, as a well-intentioned person, really unable to tell?

Last Saturday October 16, or the day before yesterday at around 2pm, Yuan Shengtai was crossing the pedestrian bridge in front of Zhongguancun Building in Haiding when he witnessed an old beggar who lay on the ground pretending to be crippled. When he was photographed and exposed, he twice stood up to yell at Yuan Shengtai. Afterwards, the civil police told Yuan Shengtai: “Thanks for seeing him for who he really is. Over the last few days we have seen with our very eyes, he slowly drags himself from this bridge to that one, then pull himself back down to street level, so we always thought he was a real cripple.” See, see how good at faking it this beggar is, even tricking the cops, haha.

The following 18 pictures are a chronological account of the real events. If you want to know what really happened when the dishonest beggar was found out, please follow Yuan Shengtai’s lens.

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Source: chinaSMACK
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