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A raccoon is skinned alive in China by fur traders.

An old video, but like many videos of this kind, it will regularly be posted and spread again by netizens who see it for the first time. Warning: This video is very graphic.

On Ku6:

Raccoon skinned alive struggles to raise its head to look at its own body!

Chinese fur trader slams a raccoon on the ground to knock it out.

A Chinese fur trader steps on the neck of a raccoon, preparing to cut off its legs and skin it for its fur.

Comments from Tianya:


Saw this a long time ago.
When I watch it, I don’t think about how
I’m going to cry.

Fuck, those that wear fur products, their own skin should be ripped off. I BS them.


I’m afraid to watch…
Not because I’m a coward…but because if I watch it, I will definitely have the impulse to smash the computer…


Who can tell me why they need to skin them alive?
What is the purpose of skinning them alive?


The raccoon is shedding tears!!! Humans are too cruel!!!


Seeing the scene where it get skinned alive and then looks at itself, I shed tears~~


If you’re going to kill them, at least do it quickly. The person skinning the raccoons alive should also be skinned alive!!!


Saw this before, very cruel, don’t dare to watch a second time.


How can this person be this cruel??????
I really bear to watch take these kind of scenes.
After watching half of it, I couldn’t go on…
So shocking/disturbing…

“Raccoon Skinned Alive, Raises Head To Look At Own Body”
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A man who staged his own suicide on 2ch after they told him to get on with it, hanging himself live on a videostream, has been confirmed by police as having died in the attempt.

The 24-year-old man, a resident of Sendai, first came to the attention of a 2ch student board when he complained of experiencing depression after graduating and getting a job, due to problems securing a girlfriend and the dispersal of his friends far and wide, along with an unforgiving job.

This culminated in him discussing suicide extensively, and making as if to commit suicide on video-streaming site Ustream several times prior to his actual suicide on the morning of November 9th, pictured.

The fake or abortive attempts did little to endear him to his audience, and as a result by the time it came to his actual suicide 2ch had become quite hostile, with any number urging him to hurry up and do it, although a number of users attempted to dissuade him throughout.


The generally derisive atmosphere soon gave way to horror and disbelief when it became apparent he probably had hanged himself – and the viewing audience rocketed from a few hundred to several thousand.

Thread inhabitants reported the incident to police after he stopped moving; police arrived at 8AM, finding him already dead. The man’s suicide broadcasts were first reported to Ustream after he had already hanged himself, and they finally terminated the stream at 6:24AM.

Whilst the actions of 2ch inhabitants in this case are far from surprising, in fairness it should be remembered most apparently did not regard the man as anything more than a determined troll, and that onlookers egging on people on the verge of suicide is hardly a phenomenon confined to 2ch.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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Show Room by Pascal Grasso Architectures

Pascal Grasso Architectures have inserted extruding and recessed volumes along the walls of corridors to create a showroom in Paris, France, for fashion sourcing company Stella K. (more…)

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(Netease) November 8, 2010, in Jiulongpo district, Chongqing, 4 young men wearing suites were passed out on the ground at the Baguocheng Square which attracted many onlookers. It turned out these 4 young men went to their second around job interview for a sales position at this company. Two of them are still university students about to graduate next year.

At noon, the company leader invited them for lunch. Eager to impress the boss, they competed in drinking more alcohol. In the end they were wasted. At first, they just sat on the ground chatting, but soon three of them lied down and passed out. The fourth guy leaned against a telephone pole, standing unsteadily, occasionally muttered some words out his mouth and shivered non-stop.


2 of them slept while hugging each other and their backpacks. One other guy made a letter “t”.


The police eventually called 120. And minutes later three men were sent to the hospital by ambulance.




I wonder who got the job…

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